Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for Stopping By

Welcome! This website provides important information regarding my classes, such as specific class details, resource materials, syllabi, assignment details, and upcoming activities. In addition, this site can serve as a useful tool for assisting parents in staying up-to-date with their child’s learning. If you are a parent, please take a few moments to update yourself with your child’s curriculum. Of course, parent or student, feel free to contact me anytime.

My Passion for Tech

The year was 1995. My father had just received a computer from his employer so that he could “dial-in” to their main database; and to my delight, he had also purchased internet access for our personal use. I remember the first time I got on the Internet, I was in awe. I immediately began attempting to figure out how this thing called the “the Web” worked. During that period, I taught myself the basics of web design, and developed a passion for technology, which was the greatest skill I could ever develop. Since that time, I’ve become quite proficient with a number of technologies and frameworks, and have earned numerous industry certifications. Moreover, due to the fact that my students are always challenging me and that is my “Netflix”, I’m learning more and more all the time.


My Design Philosophy

My design philosophy can be effectively summarized as follows: 1.) KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Yep, don’t try to do too much. I teach my students to use clean fonts, quality graphics, and appropriate white space to create aesthetically appealing, professional websites. Technology is an awesome tool, but just like all tools, it must be used correctly. If not appropriately utilized, sites can become loud, cluttered eyesores, distracting away from the intended message. 2.) Mobile Friendly – Mobile devices now account for 55% of all internet usage in the United States, and is expected to grow even more. Web designers can no longer design websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices.