Coding is kind of a big deal.

Programming and Logic 1

Programming & Logic 1

Programming & Logic I is a course intended to teach students the basics of computer programming. The course places emphasis on practicing standard programming techniques and learning the logic tools and methods typically used by programmers to create simple computer applications. Upon completion of this course, students proficient in programming and logic can solve problems by planning multistep procedures. They are able to write, analyze, review, and revise programs, converting detailed information from workflow charts and diagrams into coded instructions in a computer language. Students completing this course will be able to troubleshoot/debug programs and software applications to correct malfunctions and ensure their proper execution. Standards in this course are aligned with the Tennessee Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts Standards and Literacy in Technical Subjects and Tennessee Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
Programming and Logic 2

Programming & Logic 2

Programming & Logic II challenges students to develop advanced skills in problem analysis, construction of algorithms, and computer implementation of algorithms as they work on programming projects of increased complexity. In so doing, they develop key skills of discernment and judgment as they must choose from among many languages, development environments, and strategies for the program life cycle. Students will enhance their foundation skills learned in earlier courses in object-oriented programming language skills using high-level languages such as FOCUS, Python, or SAS. Course content is reinforced through numerous short- and long-term programming projects, accomplished both individually and in small groups. These projects are meant to hone the discipline and logical thinking skills necessary to craft error-free syntax for the writing and testing of programs. Standards in this course are aligned with Tennessee Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in Technical Subjects.