Information Technology Foundations


Timeline Project – History of the Internet

How to use Google Classroom

Everfi Ignition
Login information on Classroom
Due before Fall/Spring Break


Basics of Computing
Computer Basics Slides
Essential Knowledge Sheet
More About Computers Slides
Computer Buying Project
Journal Entry: 3 Ways in Which You Currently Use the Internet
Module 2 Quiz – Study the essential knowledge sheet and slides


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Gmail Signatures
Creating a great looking signature.
Be a font snob. Learn from Apple: subtle is better.

Google Drive – The convenience of the cloud.
Why Google Drive – 0:54
Slides: Introduction to Google Drive
Going Google with Google Drive – 1:38
Assignment: Create three folders. One folder should be for cat pictures (at least 4), another folder should contain at least 3 free pdf ebooks, and the last folder can have 3 of whatever you want. Share the ebook folder with a friend. Folders should be appropriately named and at least 2 should be color coded. After you are finished, practice searching through your “Shared with me” section of Google drive with the following techniques: from: and owner:

Google Docs – Teamwork makes the dream work.
Introducing the New Google Docs – 1:47
Google Docs: A Love Letter – 1:36
Go Google Wedding List – 0:30
Google Docs – Everything you need to know
Google Docs Cheat Sheet
Assignment: Make Your Own Flyer

Google Forms 
Assignment: Create a Quiz for Your Classmates 


Google Slides
Google Slides Tutorials 
Slides: Create Powerful Presentations
Google Slides Essential Knowledge

Google Sheets Spreadsheet App – Organization, storage, and analysis of data in a tabular format
Google Sheets Tutorials
Slides: Google Sheets 
Google Sheets Essential Knowledge

Privacy Presentations Assignment – Groups of two

Study the following resources in order to be prepared for the Module 5 Quiz
Create Powerful Presentations
Google Slides Essential Knowledge
Google Sheets Essential Knowledge



Information Technology Foundations (ITF) is a course intended to provide students with exposure to various information technology occupations and pathways such as Networking Systems, Programming and Software Development, and Web Design. As a result, students will complete all core standards, as well as standards in two of three focus areas. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to describe various information technology (IT) occupations and
professional organizations. Moreover, they will be able to demonstrate logical thought processes and discuss the social, legal, and ethical issues encountered in the IT profession. Depending on the focus area, proficient students will also demonstrate an understanding of electronics and basic digital theory; project management and teamwork; client relations; causes and prevention of Internet security breaches; and writing styles appropriate for web publication. Upon completion of
the ITF course, students will be prepared to make an informed decision about which Information Technology program of study to pursue.