Website Development


Codecademy Make a Website and Make an Interactive Website
Use login posted in Classroom
Due Friday before Fall break

Website Project – What do you remember?


Image Map Assignment
At least five hot spots
Must use poly, rect, and circle
Upload and turn in link via Classroom

CIW HTML5 and CSS3 – Lesson 1: HTML5 Essentials
Lab 1-1: Structuring and validating a Web page
Lab 1-2: Embedding video with the HTML5 <video> element
Lab 1-3: Embedding audio with the HTML5 <audio> element
Activity 1-1: Identifying HTML5-related terms
Lesson Review

CIW HTML5 and CSS3 – Lesson 2: Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Technology
Lab 2-1: Formatting text with CSS
Lab 2-2: Laying out a page’s structure using CSS
Lab 2-3: Positioning images relative to text using CSS
Lab 2-4: Modifying elements using CSS margins, borders and padding
Activity 2-1: Identifying CSS positioning terms
Lesson Review



Website Development builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Web Design Foundations to further prepare students for success in the web design and development fields. Emphasis is placed on applying the design process toward projects of increasing sophistication, culminating in the production of a functional, static website. As students work toward this goal, they acquire key skills in coding, project management, basic troubleshooting and validation, and content development and analysis. Artifacts of the work completed in this course will be logged in a student portfolio demonstrating mastery of skills and knowledge. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be prepared to pursue a variety of postsecondary programs in the computer sciences, sit for industry certification, or apply their skills in a capstone Web Design Practicum. Standards in this course are aligned with Tennessee State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in Technical Subjects and Tennessee State Standards in Mathematics.